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Little Red Travel Journal - Appropriately colored for the upcoming trip to China. 100pgs, plain white cardstock endpapers. Stitched with mint dental floss with stiff felt cover. 

I tend to prefer something more flexible when it comes to travel journals since they tend to get rougher treatment. My last such journal was stiff blue felt and lined pages (made for a Paris trip with family), but the cover was stitched on rather than glued to endpapers, which actually resulted in too soft of a cover - that tended to open and fold up randomly. I suppose we’ll see how this new one fares soon.

I’d be happy to answer any questions on bookbinding; just ask.

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Spontaneous Eggless Tiramisu

Yesterday the girlfriend was over, and I decided we’d cook dinner and make tiramisu. Dinner turned out terribly - we ran out of sauce and the noodles were too salty (not pictured) - but the tiramisu was excellent. This was a bit of a surprise as it was our first time and we didn’t really measure anything and the girlfriend kept saying “I have a bad feeling this is going to end up being crap.” We basically mixed: lots of whipping cream, a few big spoonfuls of mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, instant coffee (of varying strengths), a few spoons of (very) old rum, sugar, and some cocoa powder. For some reason the brother refuses to taste it. His loss.

Next time: More rum. Whip the mascarpone and whipping cream separately then mix. Stronger coffee.

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Ashley - Watercolor and gouache on 140lb Arches paper. 14 x 10” Shown with intermediates.

This one took way way too long to finish. I should really learn how to not take forever deliberating on each step. After painting the portrait, I didn’t even attempt the background until the semester ended. It took until sunrise today to finish, but I’m glad I got it done, since soon I’ll be studying abroad and won’t have any time then… Anyway I think it turned out pretty well. 


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Another notebook - made using leftover materials from the previous one. It’s basically the same notebook with a different color scheme and endpaper pattern… 100pgs. Recycled paper board, art paper from Michaels, mint dental floss. 


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New York Trip - 5-25-13 |A lot of things were done that day.

The girlfriend and I were going dress shopping at H&M in Soho. Another couple, dressed in monk robes, looked like they were doing essentially the same thing. This particular street in Soho is lined clothing stores, and I saw the same two monks at the neighboring Uniqlo as well. I furtively snapped a photo, and was going to post it here, but I don’t think it’s entirely right for me to do so. So I wont. 

In other news, we had roast duck noodle soup in a small restaurant in Chinatown, and later met up with some friends for coffee at Cafe Grumpy. We ordered a cappuccino and a latte; both were good, not to mention well-presented.


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The Jersey Shore - Belmar. Following Gov. Christie’s assurance that the shore would be open (set to catchy music in this commercial) , the girlfriend and I drove down to Belmar this memorial day weekend to see for ourselves. It was a surprisingly nice day. I don’t normally enjoy the beach but Belmar was quite good. Bel-mar…I figured it means “beautiful sea” or something like that. The gf figured I was full of shit. At any rate, it was a nice, rather quiet beach. 


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Just finished this handbound notebook for the gf. 100 pages, dental floss, and Elmer’s glue. Cover and endpapers from Michael’s. 

There’s a great tutorial on how this kind of binding is done here.


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